Banana Nice-Cream

This banana nice-cream is definitely my best yet. It’s simple, easy and most importantly delicious! 

For the past year or so, banana nice-cream has flooded social media as the trendiest health craze. And with reason. The images of sky high creamy piles of banana nice-cream, carefully curated into mason jars and decorated with perfectly cut pieces of fruit and dusted dreamily with cinnamon are incredible. As such, I studied all these images and read the directions to achieve such creamy success… ‘simply blend frozen bananas together and serve’. 

However, making banana nice-cream wasn’t as simple as they had promised. Between the whining of my average ‘run of the mill’ blender and the constant stopping and starting to scrape down the sides, I was near ready to call it quits.

That was until I realised that it wasn’t against the rules to add a little liquid to the mix. I added a dash of almond-coconut milk, and sure enough it turned into creamy goodness. I suspected that it might turn into a regular banana smoothie, but my suspicions were alleviated. No stopping and staring required!

This simple banana nice-cream recipe is perfect when you want to treat yourself whilst enjoying a packful of nutrition. It can be served as an afternoon ‘ pick me up’ or a late night indulgence. If you’re daring, perhaps breakfast. It boasts an array of powerful health benefits including:

Bananas: contain high amounts of tryptophan, which becomes converted into serotonin in the body, as the ‘happy brain’ neurotransmitter. They also pack an energy punch and have a large amount of fiber, aiding in digestion and sustained blood sugar. No only that, a banana contains approximately 358mg of potassium, meaning that they can help relive muscular cramps and aches after an intense workout.



  • 3 frozen brown, spotty bananas
  • 1- 2 Tbs milk of choice


  1. Make sure the banana’s have been frozen ahead of time. I find it easiest if they are broken roughly into chunks first, with the peels off. Also wait until they are brown and spotty to ensure the sugar is fully converted, meaning they will be easier to digest and much sweeter.
  2. Place the banana’s in a blender, and pulse initially without milk.
  3. If the blender is struggling, add the milk of choice and continue to pulse. With patience, it will begin to form a creamy soft serve consistency.
  4. Pour into a bowl, and enjoy!

Suggested Toppings:

  • Almond/ Strawberry: For myself, I added chopped strawberries, flaked almonds and a dusting of cinnamon.
  • Chocolate: Add in 1 Tbs of cacao or carob powder and 1- 2 pitted dates when blending the banana’s for a caramel chocolate delight.
  • Peanut Butter Jelly: Add in 1 Tbs of natural peanut butter when blending, and swirl some raspberry jam through the banana nice-cream once in the bowl for a classic twist.

I hope you enjoy and give this recipe a try. I would love to hear your feedback by commenting below! 🙂


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