Benefits of Adult Colouring Books

I am a huge advocate for adult colouring books. They allow you to escape into another realm. One in which all of the everyday stresses and worries fade away while you indulge into a nostalgic activity. It feels as though you are as carefree as a child, solely focused on staying between the lines and what colour goes with which shade. 

Aside from this, the practice provides a bunch of health benefits. Not only keeping your brain active and engaged, studies have shown it can alleviate feelings of anxiety and helplessness. This is due to it’s relaxing affect on the amygdala, the fear center of the brain. The act of ‘switching off’ your logical brain and tuning into your creativity allows a more positive mindset to flourish. In fact, by tapping into creativity and design you are more likely to be productive and grateful for the day.

While, drawing img_0886can be a form of escapism it can also allow you to mull over and fix a particular problem. It activitates the right hemisphere of the brain which provides a new insight to possible solutions. Moreover, but focusing on colouring in you are effectively training your brain to stay on task. So, when you really need to focus on nailing a job interview, studying for an exam or hitting your next goal, 5 minutes of colouring in may actually help.

img_0887But let’s face it, adult colouring books have become so popular because it is simply fun. It reminds us of easier times and allows us to be unique and individual. The biggest decision faced when colouring in is- what colour matches with the others?

If you’re more of a creative soul, you can even have a go at creating your own designs. The photographs above are from ‘The Mindfullness Colouring Book’ by Emma Farrarons ( Yet, it can be fulfilling to create your own beautiful artworks.

Let me know how you find colouring in!


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