5 Tips for Hapiness

How to find happiness in your life.


Being in a happy state of mind is one of the most sought after mindsets on this earth. Paradoxically, it can be one of the most evasive.These 5 tips are designed to help you on your path to happiness. 

Unfortunately, many people perceive happiness as intrinsically linked to success. As such we often think it’s something you can pursue. However, happiness is not an end goal or something you achieve, but rather something you create within yourself. You have to choose daily to be happy by altering your attitude, view of life and inner mentality.

I find so many people throughout life are unhappy. Generally, they are disconnected from the beauty of life. They are too concerned with what they don’t have, rather than what they do have. We are too caught up in our career aspirations, the latest headlines or ‘connecting’ with others over social media that we forget to take time out for ourselves. It is only here that we can truly become in touch with what it is that makes us happy.

So, what is happiness? Holistically, happiness can be defined as a sense of personal satisfaction, peace and clarity. It’s about enjoying life’s simple pleasures and engaging in the daily going and passing of everyday activities. It is about choosing to be optimistic and focusing on solutions rather than problems.  And most importantly, it is about accepting failures as learning curves rather than setbacks to ensure your personal development does not stagnate.

Below are my 5 Top Tips to Finding Happiness:


  • Realise happiness is not something you pursue but something you create: As I alluded to earlier, happiness is often linked to success. As so much, happiness is viewed as something you have to accomplish or gain. It’s only natural as humans to pursue something bigger, better and greater or to do more, be more and see more. Yet, this attitude is detrimental when applied to happiness. Happiness is about creating a safe place within yourself to view life in a different light. It can be refreshing to realise that not everything is a competition. Being happy is accessible for everyone with a simple tweak to this mindset.
  • Be Honest with Yourself: I believe it’s essential to take the time to sit and simply be with yourself. Be honest and find out why you are unhappy. What exactly is holding you back? Is it a lack of fulfillment? A lack of motivation or purpose? How about a desire to have a better personality? These are all things that you can take into your own hands. Each of these issues can be tackled with solutions from different aspects. Similarly, spend some time to specifically pin point the steps that you can take to create a more happy mental space. For example, what personal attribute would you like to develop and how can you apply this to daily life?
  • Find your Passion: Leading on from being honest with yourself, you can discover what it is that you enjoy doing. When you actively engage in activities that you love, happiness soon follows. Whether you enjoy reading or doing your favourite HIIT workout, these passions are done solely for you. By pursuing a hobby, you are dedicating some time for yourself and the development of a passion that makes you happy. It’s only natural that a happier and more fulfilled mentality will follow from doing things you love.
  • Practice Gratitude: Often we are unhappy when we believe we are missing something in our life. Whilst it is fantastic to seek new things and be curious as to how we can achieve more, we have to remember the things we do have. Reflecting at the end of the day allows you to highlight the positives in your life. Turning your focus outward and seeing what is great in your life allows us to understand that we should be happy with what we already have. It’s about finding a balance between being content and also further  developing your goals.
  • Be Mindfull: Mindfullness has been such an integral part of my life. When in times of stress or in a slump, I focus on mindfullness. The exercise focuses the brain on the senses (e.g. breath, sound, touch, sight and taste) to center the body in the present moment. By being completely immersed in the here and now, even for just 5 minutes a day, can give you a more calm, clear and content view on life. For me, it re- aligns my thoughts with encouraging and positive toughts. This optimism goes hand in hand with happiness. .

All in all I think it’s most important to take hold of your life. It is rare to be happy if you leave it down to chance and luck. Instead of blaming others and circumstances for your unhappiness, believe that you can unleash the potential to be great. When you work on your happiness daily you can learn to enjoy life and all of its ups and downs. By remaining true to yourself and gracious your life will naturally  become full of happiness.

Best Wishes.



3 thoughts on “5 Tips for Hapiness”

  1. Great post! One of the problem when we have been gathering data for our purposes was this particular topic. It seemed that many people couldn’t differentiate between the science of achievement and the art of fulfilment. How frequent would you suggest that these steps have to be performed for effectiveness :)?

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