Tips for Shopping the Boxing Day Sales

My guide to surviving the Boxing Day Sales.


It’s that time again, and no I don’t just mean Christmas pud and candy canes. Whilst Christmas is fantastic, I get super excited to shop the Boxing Day Sales. Finding a good bargain can require a keen knack for haggling, a quick eye and speedy legs to find the perfect product at a reasonable price. However, these tips will help you stick to your budget and find some awesome buys at a reduced price, without the stress.

Tips to Survive Boxing Day:

  1. Know your agenda: Before you head to the nearest shopping mall, know what you intend to buy. Reflect on what items you need and what items you want. Write a list with the items you need at the top and the items you want at the bottom. This is the perfect time to pick up these items, that may normally be much more expensive to buy. When you get to the mall, try to stick to your list of items you need first as you are less likely to feel guilty about the purchase or upset for missing out on it.Next, move on to the items you would like to puchase and any other additional browsing. This way you are more likely to stick to a budget.
  2. Go in with patience: The key to surviving the Boxing Day sales is to have patience. While you anxiously wait in line to purchase your goods and rush to the next store, remember that this is often a very stressful and long day for employees. They are doing their best to keep business moving and customers happy. Additionally, it’s also not the end of the world if the store has run out of stock of the item you wanted. Remember it was an opportunity to purchase goods at a discounted price, but maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. Use it as time to reflect on the neccessity of the item.  On the contrary, perhaps ask the store clerk if you could order it online with the same sale.
  3. Be aware: Before grabbing every item that boasts big reduction in prices, educate yourself on what the average normal cost is. Sometimes manufacturers try to trick unsuspecting customers into thinking they have saved more money than they actually have. To avoid this, make sure you do your maths and note down just how much money you are spending and if this matches your budget. Moreover, take notice of the terms and conditions of purchase. Some businesses won’t offer returns, extended warranties or exchanges on sale items as they are hoping to get rid of unwanted or excess stock items. So be sure before you buy.
  4. Wear comfortable clothes: I would suggest wearing clothes that are loose-fitting and comfortable if you are planning on shopping for a while. Cafes and restaurants are usually busy on this day, so I would also advise bringing a snack and a drink bottle to stay hydrated. Comfortable walking shoes and easy to get changed clothes are a must
  5. Have a look online: If braving the Boxing Day crowds just isn’t for you, a quick google search can often result in finding equally good deals. There are some sites, such as this one, which give you an idea of what deals you can get ahead of time and on online stores. There are also a heap of discount/ coupon codes for multiple different sites, on top of already reduced prices. Another hint is to always keep a look out on Instagram as many brands do special offers for their followers on public events.

Happy shopping!

5 thoughts on “Tips for Shopping the Boxing Day Sales”

    1. Well Boxing Day actually occurs the day after Christmas and is where shops often have big sales on. A lot of people like to buy items they need in the new year ahead of time and at a reduced price. It’s also a good way to purchase items for personal enjoyment and fufillment at a cheaper price.

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