Ultimate Fitness Gift Guide 2016

The ultimate gift guide for active friends.

Your active friends can sometimes be the most difficult to buy for in the holiday season. Especially, if you are new to the fitness industry and have little idea of the dramatic (and sometimes catastrophic) difference between normal and high waisted leggings.If this festive season has got you trying to decipher what those ridiculously long names actually mean, such as Lulu Lemon’s ‘Ultra Lightweight Tech Long Sleeve Crew’, look no further. Below is my list of the perfect gift ideas for fitness fanatics, no matter what your budget is.  Continue reading “Ultimate Fitness Gift Guide 2016”

Butt Workout

This glute toning workout will activate neglected muscles, whilst also build a bigger booty. Whether you are looking to sculpt your bottom to fill out your favourite pair of jeans or to simply strengthen the muscles, this workout will help define your behind.  Continue reading “Butt Workout”

Yoga vs Pilates

Both Pilates and yoga are fantastic ways to tone up and stretch your body. However, there are also major differences between Pilates and yoga in regards to origin, practice and health benefits. Below I’ve summarised each activity and why it might be perfect for you.  Continue reading “Yoga vs Pilates”

Best Ab Toning Workout

This Ab Toning Workout is perfect for strengthening the abdominal muscles and slimming down the waist. No matter if you’re gearing up for a summer bikini body or trying to reverse the effects of mountains of delicious food eaten in the holiday season, this ab routine is for you! Continue reading “Best Ab Toning Workout”

How to Lose Weight

My top tips to stay healthy!

Everyone has a unique and complicated health journey. Between the phases of intense determination to be fit and the unmotivated slumps, ‘healthy’ can seem unattainable. Yet, healthy is different for everyone. Each individual has different health goals, body types and interests.  Continue reading “How to Lose Weight”