Tips for Shopping the Boxing Day Sales

My guide to surviving the Boxing Day Sales.

It’s that time again, and no I don’t just mean Christmas pud and candy canes. Whilst Christmas is fantastic, I get super excited to shop the Boxing Day Sales. Finding a good bargain can require a keen knack for haggling, a quick eye and speedy legs to find the perfect product at a reasonable price. However, these tips will help you stick to your budget and find some awesome buys at a reduced price, without the stress. Continue reading “Tips for Shopping the Boxing Day Sales”

Benefits of Adult Colouring Books

I am a huge advocate for adult colouring books. They allow you to escape into another realm. One in which all of the everyday stresses and worries fade away while you indulge into a nostalgic activity. It feels as though you are as carefree as a child, solely focused on staying between the lines and what colour goes with which shade.  Continue reading “Benefits of Adult Colouring Books”