Healthier Gingerbread Cookies

Festive and healthy gingerbread cookies for the holiday season.

This Christmas, I was on a mission to create some healthy and festive gingerbread cookies. Having never made gingerbread, I was unfamiliar with the traditional recipe, let alone adapting it into a healthier version. Alas, I have crafted some delicious cookies that are perfect for any festive occasion.  Continue reading “Healthier Gingerbread Cookies”

The Best Cold Remedy

A natural and healthy remedy for the common cold

There’s nothing worse than being bed-ridden with a cold. Especially when you have somewhere to be. The burning throat, mountains of icky mucus and a never ending headache are enough to keep you under the blankets, safe and sound. Yet, there are times when we must muster up the courage to venture out of our warm cacoons to tackle daily life. My homemade cold remedy is natural, effective and most of all yummy.  Continue reading “The Best Cold Remedy”