Tips for Shopping the Boxing Day Sales

My guide to surviving the Boxing Day Sales.

It’s that time again, and no I don’t just mean Christmas pud and candy canes. Whilst Christmas is fantastic, I get super excited to shop the Boxing Day Sales. Finding a good bargain can require a keen knack for haggling, a quick eye and speedy legs to find the perfect product at a reasonable price. However, these tips will help you stick to your budget and find some awesome buys at a reduced price, without the stress. Continue reading “Tips for Shopping the Boxing Day Sales”

How to Relax

A guide to the most effective ways to reduce stress.

Being able to relax is an integral part of well being. Relaxation allows us to become more focused and content. And lets face it, sometimes you just need some ‘me- time’. After running around all week trying to reach deadlines and who knows what else, you can end up feeling lethargic and mentally exhausted. Add into the mix the hectic festive season, and you’ve got a recipe for total meltdown. Thus, it is crucial that we recognise and act on when we need a little time for ourselves. Continue reading “How to Relax”

Healthy Banana Steel Cut Oats

Warming and hearty breakfast steel cut oats.

These healthy banana steel cut oats make for an incredible breakfast. Packed full of long lasting energy and nutrients, it’ll keep you going all day long. This hearty meal is great to enjoy during cold winter mornings. The spices are warming and help release sustained energy.  Continue reading “Healthy Banana Steel Cut Oats”

5 Tips for Hapiness

How to find happiness in your life.

Being in a happy state of mind is one of the most sought after mindsets on this earth. Paradoxically, it can be one of the most evasive.These 5 tips are designed to help you on your path to happiness.  Continue reading “5 Tips for Hapiness”

Butt Workout

This glute toning workout will activate neglected muscles, whilst also build a bigger booty. Whether you are looking to sculpt your bottom to fill out your favourite pair of jeans or to simply strengthen the muscles, this workout will help define your behind.  Continue reading “Butt Workout”

Different Types of Tea

The health benefits of drinking a variety of warming herbal tea.

Different types of tea are packed full of amazing health benefits to help sooth the body and enhance vitality. Below are my favourite types of tea to drink and their health benefits. Continue reading “Different Types of Tea”