New Years Resolutions

Happy NYE! 

New Years is a time on celebration. A time when we collectively remember and reflect on the amazing moments of the past year. A time when we look towards the stars in hope for what the next year may hold. It’s an ancient, magical tradition. 

Yet, for many New Years Eve can be daunting. Undoubtably, someone will ask you what your New Years Resolutions will be. These are statements of what you would like to work on and achieve in the following year. For some, the fear of saying their hopes aloud to others and committing to their aspirations is anxiety inducing. For others, the excitement in prosperity is exhilarating. 

The issue with New Years Resolutions is that they are often brash, ill thought out statements with no clear timeframe. Such as, ‘I’m going to get fit’ or ‘I will be nicer to others’. Without a clear direction, these Resolutions are likely to fail. 

On the other hand, if you set clear goals for yourself you are more likely to reach them. This provides yourself with a sense of achievement, gratitude and happiness. Treating them as stepping stones allows us to reach our bigger dreams. 

Below are my 3 steps for setting goals and New Years Resolutions:

  1. What is your dream? Think about what your bigger ideal is-whether it’s a fitness goal or a larger encapsulating aspiration such as your dream career. This gives you an outlook on what you would like to achieve holistically.
  2. How are you going to get there? By asking yourself this question with your dream in mind, you can set up smaller stepping stones. For example say your resolution is to do a chin up, break it down into smaller steps. Beginning with strengthening your shoulders and back, using an assisted chin up machine and doing reverse hangs are all ideas. By breaking your dream into smaller goals, it becomes more manageable and attainable. In turn, you are more likely to be persistent in your achieving your dream goal.
  3. When would you like to achieve this? The final step is to put a time frame on your stepping stones. It may seem scary by committing to achieving a goal by a certain date, but it is really motivating. It pushes you to work harder for your dream and achieve it within a realistic time frame. 

Good luck and happy New Year!