Tips for Shopping the Boxing Day Sales

My guide to surviving the Boxing Day Sales.

It’s that time again, and no I don’t just mean Christmas pud and candy canes. Whilst Christmas is fantastic, I get super excited to shop the Boxing Day Sales. Finding a good bargain can require a keen knack for haggling, a quick eye and speedy legs to find the perfect product at a reasonable price. However, these tips will help you stick to your budget and find some awesome buys at a reduced price, without the stress. Continue reading “Tips for Shopping the Boxing Day Sales”

5 Tips for Hapiness

How to find happiness in your life.

Being in a happy state of mind is one of the most sought after mindsets on this earth. Paradoxically, it can be one of the most evasive.These 5 tips are designed to help you on your path to happiness.  Continue reading “5 Tips for Hapiness”

How to Be Confident

Your guide to self- love.

What is confidence? Confidence is the ability to believe in your own capabilities and talents and to realize your own potential in whatever you do. It is being able to take risks without fear of failure and with the strength of optimism and positivity. Most of all, it is being your own best version of yourself.
Continue reading “How to Be Confident”