Healthier Gingerbread Cookies

Festive and healthy gingerbread cookies for the holiday season.

This Christmas, I was on a mission to create some healthy and festive gingerbread cookies. Having never made gingerbread, I was unfamiliar with the traditional recipe, let alone adapting it into a healthier version. Alas, I have crafted some delicious cookies that are perfect for any festive occasion.  Continue reading “Healthier Gingerbread Cookies”

Healthy Sweet Potato Chips

Simple, easy, fun and delicious sweet potato fries to counter any craving.

So it seems the current health culture, is to turn unhealthy treats into healthy ones. The concept is to create a more balanced and wholesome meal out of otherwise less than ideal treats.  Continue reading “Healthy Sweet Potato Chips”

Different Types of Tea

The health benefits of drinking a variety of warming herbal tea.

Different types of tea are packed full of amazing health benefits to help sooth the body and enhance vitality. Below are my favourite types of tea to drink and their health benefits. Continue reading “Different Types of Tea”